There is an unpleasant smell in the fireplace when the fire is burning? This is unfortunate sour smell will usually either be caused by moisture from rain and snow soak into the chimney flue liner, or by deposition of soot in the chimney. Overcoming Stinky Fireplace syndrome, get your chimney professionally cleaned by a chimney sweep and install a chimney cap that is supposed to hold all the moisture.

Lyemance a damper which closes narrow flue in the chimney top is not just a little more cold air from the chimney down, so that bad odor with it, but also significantly reduce your heating costs. The Lyemance damper can be purchased with chimney caps that fit over them. If the door is open, as it should be when you burn a fire, advises the roof of the chimney cap, rain and snow from finding its way down your chimney.

Flue deodorant helps with fireplace odors, but the drawback is that they must be applied frequently. Plus, not everyone likes the smell of smoke, deodorant!

Modern houses are often built very close. It is low for the issue of energy costs are high, but if you're a stinking fireplace, they caught the odor in the house. If opening a window an inch or so makes unpleasant sour smell that can dispel the installation of a ventilation fan to solve your problem. These ventilation fans are small openings that provide a bit of outdoor air in the room when the fireplace is a fire road, but they can be closed when the fireplace is not in use.

Old, deteriorating clay pipes in your chimney can let moisture and related odors in your chimney. Even worse, can cause the fireplace tiles allow sparks to fly off the chimney, causing a chimney fire in your home! A chimney sweep can install a fireplace insert, a stainless steel tube is fitted with smoke from the chimney, a chimney in poor condition. The fireplace inserts are easy to clean and maintain odorless. Thus, if a deterioration of the chimney, the cause of your stinking fireplace, fireplace insert, but not cheap, not only prevents odor is a fireplace, but also a security risk.

So the two best ways to completely prevent offensive odors are a fireplace, to address the problem at its source: either the damp grime that causes odor by installing a top sealing damper with Lyemance chimney cap or chimney repair cracks that must be prevented in these transactions too horrible smell with a stainless steel frame.

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